When a Problem Comes Along, You Must CatIt

Box Sparrow - Catit

Sorry* about that title, I just couldn’t help myself. Anyhoo. CatIt Senses 2 circuits. They’re great. They’re an interlocking track and ball system that you can slot together in more than 100 different ways (don’t take my word for this, I haven’t actually counted yet) and have hours of different shaped fun. And it gets even better when you let your cat play with it.


Catit Senses 2 Super Circuit - When a Problem Comes Along, You Must CatItAt a Glance


*Not sorry. I love that song.


Hagen Catit

Hagen has been creating innovative pet products since 1955 – these days they’re the world’s largest privately owned manufacturer and distributor in their field. Rolf C. Hagen, the founder of the company, recognised that pets are the heart of their business and aimed the company’s philosophy at manufacturing high quality, value for money pet products for the health and happiness of pets.


The Way Cats Play

Colourful Sparrow Play - Catit Senses 2

Cats are predators, they like to chase things, catch them, kill them and eat them. While your indoor cat may not be able to eat his prey because it’s toys rather than rodents or birds, it’s important for his physical and mental wellbeing to be as cat-like as possible. This means providing toys that allow your cat to use his hunting senses by engaging sight, sound and touch. Toys that are unpredictable keep kitty on his toes and make sure he’s never bored – which is great because boredom is what gets your stuff destroyed.

The Catit Senses 2 circuits encourage your cat to play like a cat, with or without your input. They’re safe enough to be left out for kitty when you’re not around and sturdy enough to withstand the full force of feline playfulness.


The CatIt 2 Senses Circuit Range

The CatIt Senses 2 Circuit range is an upgrade on the original CatIt Senses circuits range, and the best news is that the new circuits are fully compatible with the old. The upgrade allows for the Senses 2 circuits to be used with the wider, more stable bases of CatIt’s new range of senses products.

 The CatIt Senses 2 Super Circuit, Wave Circuit and Play Circuit all come with new, straight tracks – the Super Circuit has two of them! It’s this straight track that allows you to fit together the whole CatIt Senses 2 product range safely and without any wobble. It’s an entire cat play centre that you can switch up whenever you like, whether you choose to add the other products or not.

Click here to check out the CatIt Senses 2.0 Circuit range on Amazon.com


What’s Good About it?

So many things, I could go on for hours. This is a quality piece of design, which I for one am a sucker for. It’s made out of materials that look to be pretty cat proof and each piece has secure rubber stoppers so it doesn’t skid across the floor while being attacked by the ferocious cat.

  • Fully compatible with original CatIt Senses circuits.
  • Box Sparrow - CatitCombine with the entire Senses 2 range of products.
  • Easy to assemble and reassemble and reassemble and reassemble…
  • New, straight piece of track makes each circuit longer than the original model – the Super Circuit is 24 inches longer!
  • 100s of layouts to keep your cat’s play times fresh and interesting.
  • The most fun part – you know kitty’s going to love the box it comes in almost as much as the toy itself. CatIt has designed super fun boxes with cutouts that you can use to hide toys or treats, or just leave open for a snuggly place for your cat to nap.
  • Optional extras – the motion activated LED Fireball is an ideal addition to keep the game going when the lights go down.


What’s Questionable?

Not much, really. It took me a bit to figure out how to unlock the pieces, but that’s probably just me being a bit clumsy. The Wave Circuit (which I bought) might be a bit too wavy for first timers – I think this circuit could do with an extra straight piece to create more movement and more interest. The standard green ball that comes with the circuits might be a little too colour coordinated and hard for cats to spot, but you could always replace it with the LED fireball, or even a brightly coloured ping-pong ball.


Does Sparrow Approve?

Sparrow was more interested in the box than he was in the actual toy at first, until I washed the whole thing in warm soapy water (the circuit, not the box), then it was on like donkey kong. This is one of the laziest young cats I’ve ever met, and even he enjoys getting off his butt and playing with this thing.

Pirate Treasure - Catit

He’s still generally more interested in the box, but it’s a treasure chest and Sparrow is a pirate, so I really should’ve guessed that that would happen. All in all, this is a cat-friendly toy that is safe enough to be left out when you’re not around and interesting enough to spare your furniture from attack.


Do you like to CatIt? CatIt good? If you’d like to berate me for putting a daft song in your head, or tell us your circuit stories, leave us a comment in the box below…

Catit Senses 2 Circuits


Easy to Assemble


Safe For Cats


Fun For Cats


Compatible With Other Catit Products


Easy to Clean


What's Good?

  • 100s of Different Layouts
  • Fun Cardboard Box
  • Optional Extras
  • Combine With Old Circuits

What's Questionable?

  • Colour-Coordinated Ball?

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  1. Great review! It’s nice that you included you feel its safe to leave the toy out when not around. I always worry about leaving things out for the critters when I’m not home. Of course my Elsa would be like Sparrow there with her head in the box! Awesome that company takes the time to add that little extra allowing for reuse and play with the box.

    1. Thanks Nikki,

      I was unreasonably excited about the box, it’s such a nice touch and really proves that CatIt know what cats like. I’m definitely going to be buying more of their stuff. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  2. Love your post! Very fun(ny)! I love the concept of CatIt and think my cat would absolutely go for it – she chases anything that moves, even her own tail!

    1. Oh Eril, I want to see a video of your cat chasing her tail! Sparrow sometimes forgets he has a tail and it spooks him enough that he tries to run away from it. Quite funny. Thanks for sharing!

      1. I have been trying to capture Lisbon chasing her tail on video, but she is quicker than I am! When I manage I will send it to you 🙂

        1. Haha excellent! I have the same problem with Sparrow, he’s just too fast. Lisbon is a great name for a cat.

  3. I love it. I like to see cats play around by themselves. It can get quite comical sometimes. Out of all the pets to have, I think cats are the most fascinating. This is a great toy for them because you can change it up and the box is a good addition. Thank you for this post.

  4. Hi, I never knew things like this existed.

    My cats also love boxes, I have bought them things like scratch towers, and similar activity toys and stations and they spend 4 weeks sitting in the box, scratching it to shreds and arguing who’s turn it is to sit in it.

    These days I know if I can find a couple of good boxes, put a towel in it, and a couple of their favourite toys, it will keep them occupied for a couple of weeks at least, and I even have a box in my kitchen I have had for months, which they sleep in, they love it and prefer it over their cat beds.

    I think one of my cats would love this toy as he loves puzzle type games, where he has to figure out how to get at things, he already figured out how to open my door and the cupboard door and get at his cat biscuits, and loves getting my rolled up socks out of my boots for some reason…

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Neil,

      yep, I have a cat who has figured out how to open doors, too. I’ve given up on closing doors to keep him out, there’s no keeping him out. I guess I forgot temporarily whose house I am living in.

      As for the circuit, he’s not that into it any more. It got a good couple of hours of use, now he just walks past it as if it’s not there. I think I might have to hide it for a few days and see how he likes it when it’s ‘new’. I’ve already tried hiding the box and I got royally YELLED at, so not doing that again!

      Thanks for stopping by again, it’s always nice to hear from you.

  5. Yes, you just gotta love how much a cat will love a box over they toy. Happens with us, too. But still this is definitely a novel idea for cats to keep them busy and out of mischief. Gotta love it. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Brent,

      isn’t it just the most ridiculous thing? Anything paper or cardboard comes into this place and Sparrow forgets all about me in favour of the box. The cutout holes in the treasure chest box are just a little too small though – he’s already gotten his head stuck and run around petrified with a box on his head for a few seconds before I could rescue him. Surprisingly, he still keeps sticking his head in there, maybe next time he will learn…

  6. This looks like a really fun toy for cats. I can see my cat spending hours playing with this thing. She just loves the chase and absolutely loves boxes too. What cat doesn’t like a good box. I like how it’s safe for cats even when were not home to keep an eye on them. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Thanks Mitch! I’m finding that Sparrow is taking some time to get used to the circuit, but continues to love the box. I’m thinking I might have to get the LED Fireball and see if that gets him going a bit more.

  7. Thanks for the review! We have 2 indoor-outdoor cats and this would be great for the rainy days when they are inside. They definitely like to attack things and this looks like a great option that they would love (as well as my 8 month old who loves all the cat toys too :). I will definitely keep this in mind when I make a new purchase for Patch and Kitty.

  8. This looks like a fun toy for a cat. I think my cat would love it, however, he goes really crazy while playing with such things and often starts biting me if I stop him from playing or take it away from him.
    I guess he is relatively more aggressive than the other cats and it is best that I be careful while giving him such toys.

  9. Lol cats and boxes! Always the same. And it is often the same with babies and boxes-they like the box more than the actual toy they got. Strange!

    I was not aware that cats could get asthma. News to me! Also, seeing you are a cat expert, I have often wondered if our cat should have toys. She is not a kitten anymore and is about 5 human years old-we have tried a few toys, but she is not really interested. Other than lots of lap pats and feeding her, what would be other ways we might stimulate her to keep her happy?

    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it? We could all save ourselves the hassle and just buy boxes!

      Does your cat go outside? If so she might be getting all the action she needs in the great outdoors and just wants loving from you. Otherwise, if she’s an inside-only cat, pay attention to what she does like to do – does she chase things if you throw them, does she like climbing, does she like hiding and jumping out to surprise you? Once you’ve figured out what she does, it’ll be easy to find toys and games that get her going. Good luck!

  10. These look like really good fun for cats. I Really lile your review. Your cat seems to love the catit.

    My cat has neglected his toys recently and has found a liking for chasing cables (phone chargers, HDMI etc). I am scared to let him play with these for obvious reasons so with a catit we could leave him to play as much as he wants

    1. I also have a few cables with little teeth marks in them, it’s really not cool! I’ve started hiding them so Sparrow can’t get to them, apart from giving him other things to play with there’s not much else I can do…thanks for stopping by, Craig.

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