The World’s Best Clumping Litter – What’s in a Name?

Today’s challenge for me is this: can I talk about cat litter without making too many poo jokes? The temptation is real, my friend and my ability to resist temptation is…not great.

Despite the fact that it just gets crapped all over, making an informed decision about which litter your cat will crap all over is pretty important. Asthma cats, being the sensitive creatures that they are, need to do their stinky business in a safe, dust-free place. Choosing the best clumping litter will make your nasty clean up job more pleasant, plus the planet will thank you for being kind and choosing natural.

We’re looking for a win-win-win solution here and I’m pretty sure I’ve found it.


Best Clumping Litter

At a Glance

  • What: World’s Best Cat Litter Zero Mess
  • Who: Kent Pet Group – Advancing Pet Care With Bigger Ideas
  • Best Price:
  • Does Sparrow Approve? YES!



Kent Pet Group

The company responsible for bringing us the World’s Best Cat Litter, Kent Pet Group, is a family owned and operated business that’s been around since 1927. For the non-mathematical types, that’s 90 years worth of solving pet problems in their special, unconventional way. Kent Pet Group is committed to using the power of nature to develop environmentally friendly, sustainable pet products that work.

Their unique, scientific approach to developing pet products focuses on providing solutions that are good for pets, good for their humans and good for the environment.



Why Choosing The Right Litter is Important

Back in the bad old days, cat litter was made of clay, which is super absorbent and forms solid clumps, but it’s terrible for cats and terrible for the environment.

Bad Cat Litter - What is Clumping Litter and Should You Use it? You Might be Surprised!Clay litter is really freaking dusty in the worst possible way. The silica dust in clay litter is a known carcinogen – so even if your cat isn’t wheezy, you’ll want to keep this dust well out of his sniffer for that reason alone. Can you imagine having a face full of carcinogenic dust while you’re…trying to relax? Doesn’t sound nice at all.

The clay used to make litter is strip-mined, which is terrible news for the environment as it involves massive amounts of rock and topsoil being moved to get to the clay underneath. This impacts wildlife, waterways and human populations in bad ways. This article from Green Living Ideas goes into scary detail about the process, if you’d like more information.

Oh, and clay litter sticks around in landfill FOREVER. That’s super bad.


What is clumping litter and should you use it? Get the facts here.


Why is This The World’s Best Cat Litter?

First of all, it’s not made of clay. World’s Best Cat Litter was already pretty good, but their new Zero Mess formula is better. Is that even possible?

World’s Best Cat Litter Zero Mess is, well, the best of the best. It’s made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients that haven’t destroyed the planet just to get crapped on. 2 x better clumping and more odour control to keep the humans happy and the 99% dust free, fragrance-free formula is both safe and pleasant for asthma cats.

Zero mess gets bonus points for being lightweight enough to carry up the stairs without breaking your back and gentle on paws, which is especially great for soft indoor pussyfoot types.


What’s Good About it?

So many things. A lot of time and research has gone into developing this product and as far as I’m concerned it really is the world’s best.

  • Made from naturally absorbent corn and plant materials.
  • Available in 6, 12 & 24 lb bags that last ages. A 24 lb bag should last one cat 120 days!
  • Specially formulated for easy clean-up. Tight clumping, no chisel required.
  • 99% dust free and perfectly safe for asthma cats.
  • Odour control at its best – smells stay trapped inside the litter.
  • Flushable – septic safe.
  • People, pet and planet safe. Win-win-win. Again.


What’s Questionable?

Really – nothing. I guess if you want to get nitpicky you could say that it’s a bit expensive for what it is, but this stuff lasts AGES. Only having to buy one bag of litter every 120 days sounds like a good deal to me.

There’s also the slightly questionable availability in some parts of the world (like this one) but thanks to the world wide interwebs and home delivery even that’s not a problem. In fact, it’s probably better as it means I don’t have to get off my couch. Hooray for laziness the internet.


Does Sparrow Approve?

Sparrow is usually pretty picky about his stuff, but when it comes to litter it doesn’t seem toBest Clumping Litter matter too much to him. I like the fact that he can dig around as much as he likes in this stuff and it’s not going to get up his nose and on the occasions that he likes to taste test his litter (he’s a weird cat, don’t judge) World’s Best is perfectly safe. Not ideal and probably not smart on his part, but safe.

All in all, World’s Best Cat Litter Zero Mess truly lives up to its name. And I actually managed to get through a litter review without making any unsavoury puns. Just goes to show, there’s a first time for everything.


What do you think of the World’s Best Cat Litter? Got questions? Head to the comments below and share your thoughts…

World's Best Cat Litter


Environmentally Friendly


Low Dust


Easy Cleanup


Odour Control




What's Good?

  • Flushable
  • Long Lasting
  • Excellent Clumping
  • 99% Dust Free
  • Win-Win-Win

What's Questionable?

  • ?

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  1. To me, just as important as our and our cats health, and the environment – is the smell! I’ve tried some shocking kitty litters in the past, I’m so glad to read this is good for odour control. Any company making a product for 90 years has definitely got to know what they’re doing. And yes, ordering online is the way to go (a bag lasting 3 – 4 months is also fantastic to know). Thanks!

  2. Dusty litter is absolutely disgusting you are correct on that one ! I will not use fresh step either it is very dusty .

  3. I do not have a cat but I do like your recommendations on the cat litter to use. Would consider them when and if I get my first cat. Meanwhile gotta share it to help some friends out.

  4. oh dear, I really didn’t appreciate just how nasty clay litter can be! I really thought it was all the same and just went off price.

    Thank you so much for alerting me to the potential harm to both my little kitty and the environment.!

    I will look into trying out the World’s Best Cat Litter that you recommend.

    1. It’s not exactly something that you’re inclined to put a lot of thought into, is it? People think litter is litter is litter and considering what ultimately becomes of it, it probably doesn’t matter too much. I feel much better knowing the litter I’m throwing out is not damaging the planet.

      Thanks for your comment, Steve. Nice to hear from you again 🙂

  5. Hi, great article – I had no idea kitties got asthma! – and I got my eyes opened about why the clay litter is so cheap (which sits largely unused in my home, as my kitty prefers to use the great outdoors. We don’t argue with her on that one!

    I’m wondering if hairballs are dangerous for asthmatic cats? and what you do to address that issue with yours?

    1. Hi Laurie, most people don’t realise cats get asthma. I had no idea until my cat got asthma!

      As for hairballs – to be honest I don’t know, Sparrow has never had one. I guess I’m doing something right with his diet and his grooming, he has enough problems as it is!

  6. Hey there

    Thanks for the information!

    My son gets asthma and I’ve never really thought of things I use in the house that may trigger it.

    Reading about the effects of kitty litter on a cat and the environment makes me wonder what I can do to change things at home.

    Regards Hailey

    1. Hi Hailey, 

      there so are many things you can do to help your asthmatic and most of them are just simple little switches. Have a cruise around here and read some asthma articles, they’re all pointed at cats but i suppose anyone with breathing difficulties would benefit. Thanks for saying hi!

  7. gracious dear, I truly didn’t acknowledge exactly how frightful dirt litter can be! I truly thought it was all the same and just went off cost.

    Much thanks to you such a great amount for alarming me to the potential damage to both my little kitty and nature.!

    I will investigate experimenting with the World’s Best Cat Litter that you suggest.

  8. I am definitely giving this litter a try and I love that you mentioned it lasts 120 days because I think the price may have turned me off in the past. Do you have an opinion on the best litter box for asthmatic cats? I’m so happy I found your website.

    1. Hey Amy, I don’t think the box matters a great deal as long as it’s not a covered one. Just to be on the safe side, ya know? I’m happy you found my site too, enjoy looking around and say hi again some time 🙂

  9. Hi Shirley,

    First time I’ve heard of World’s Best Cat Litter Zero Mess cat litter. That is amazing that this litter can last for 120 days for one cat. That’s a lot of days! I like the fact that it’s septic safe.

    The smell was my biggest issue. We tried different litter to see which would create less smell in the house but none it worked 100%. The cost is something to consider though. But overall, the deal you get with this World’s Best Cat Litter would be I think worth it.

    Thank you for this informative post.

  10. I’m surprised people used to make cat litter out of clay. Strip mining does destroy rock and sediment which will run down into the soil in forests and pollute streams. When it comes to cat litter, reducing odor and the mess a cat owner has to clean up is definitely the top priority. I never knew cat litter could create dust haha. If your cat can eat it without getting sick, then the Zero Mess cat litter certainly is made from eco-friendly sources.

  11. Please be careful with corn litter. I used it and loved it until….my youngest cat got asthma. I started reading about the toxins it produces when wet and what humidity does to the litter. The oldest cat got liver disease and I somewhat think it was toxins from the litter. When the older cat passed (my precious Chloe angel) the younger cat tipped the box and I believe she got asthma from inhaling the dust from the wet corn litter dust. I now use Yesterday’s News and have no problems. The other thing to watch for with asthma kitties is silica. Be on the lookout for litter that contains silica (most clumping litter does). It is a known carcinogen.

    1. Interesting, I’ve done some pretty extensive research and haven’t found that kind of bad news about corn litter – perhaps you could enlighten us with some links? I’d be interested to know what brand you were using. Silica is definitely on my list of things to avoid like the plague and so far I’ve had no trouble using World’s Best Cat Litter. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  12. so, it turns out my cute cat is starting to wheeze/sneeze and we suspect it could be asthma. we’re monitoring it before we shell out $$$$ for an x-ray and meds so we’re doing what we can to limit allergens in the house for now. for her litter, we’re currently using wood pellets used in stoves for heating. it’s not marketed as cat litter so it’s super cheap, doesn’t smell, not as messy and a big bag costs $6 and lasts us 6 months. are wood pellets considered a bad choice for asthmatic cats???

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