IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Review

Recently I discussed the ins and outs of air purifying and one of my dear readers suggested I write an IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier review. ‘The mother of all air purifiers’ is what she called it, and who am I to argue with that? This thing comes highly recommended for asthmatics of all species or anybody who just likes fresh, clean indoor air. So let’s take a look.


At a Glance


Who is IQAir?Coal Oven - IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

The IQAir story starts in Germany back in 1963, when brothers Manfred and Klaus Hammes developed a simple filter system to help reduce the black dust build up behind olden days residential coal ovens. Manfred, a lifelong asthmatic, soon noticed that this simple filtration system reduced his flare-ups in winter months and over time many other allergy sufferers were reporting the same kind of relief.

Klaus, a mechanical engineer, continued throughout the 60s and 70s to adapt this filtration system to other heating and cooling systems – radiators, baseboard heaters and forced air heating and cooling systems, to name a few.

Manfred passed away from a heart attack in 1981 and his brother Klaus moved the operation to Switzerland and expanded into the rest of Europe and the USA. He was soon joined by his son, Frank, who brought to the family business a passion for clean air and a focus on fan powered room air cleaners.

Here’s Frank himself giving a ‘don’t try this at home’ demonstration of just how powerful his creation turned out to be:

Back in the late 80s, Frank noticed a large difference between commercial air cleaning systems and consumer air purifiers. Sure, the larger commercial systems were very effective (and expensive) while their smaller consumer counterparts proved to be ineffectual. In 1994 Frank made the decision to develop a new kind of cleaning device, and after four years of intense research and development, the world’s most effective line of portable room cleaners was born.

In 1998, the first IQAir purifier rolled off the production line in Switzerland. Initially only available in Europe, it was not long after that the HealthPro 250 was found to outperform its competitors by Europe’s toughest product testing organisation, in one of the most stringent air purifying tests ever devised.

In 2000, IQAir purifiers finally became available in the USA and were an instant hit with allergy and asthma sufferers.


Fresh Air - IQAir HealthPro Plus Hepa


Why Would You Need an Air Purifier?

Asthma sufferers demand clean air. There’s no other way to look at it. Airborne particles such as pollens, dust, smoke and other nasties are breathed in and this is what causes the asthmatic to hate the air. An air purifier uses a fine, sieve-like filter to remove these microscopic particles from the air before they can enter the sensitive little asthmatic airways.

There are, of course, good bad and ugly when it comes to the best air purifiers for asthmatics. Different technology will give different results – we’ll get into why the IQAir HealthPro series are the best in just a moment, but if you’re after more information on why you need an air purifier, check out this article.


What’s Good About it?

The IQAir HealthPro Plus is the game-changing air purifier for those who demand the cleanest of air. It’s the top choice for people – and cats – who suffer from asthma and allergies. Why? IQAir’s patented HyperHEPA filters are the first filters tested and certified to filter down to 0.003 microns with a guaranteed 99.5% minimum efficiency. That’s huge! And really, really small.

Here are IQAir’s bigwigs explaining what makes their new edition air purifiers the best in the world:

  • Thick microparticle prefilter – removes large allergens and extends the life of the other filters.
  • HyperHEPA Filter – removes particles 100 times smaller than the typical dust, pollen and pet dander found in most homes.
  • V5 Cell Gas & Odor filter – this is what gives the HealthPro Plus its ‘plus’. This filter traps chemical and gas particles that linger in the air.
  • Huge maximum room coverage – The HealthPro Plus is good for rooms up to 900 square foot when running on full power. On medium power, it’s good for rooms up to 600 square foot.
  • Triple Sealed design – ensures 100% of the air that goes in is released only as sweet, purified air.Good Cat - IQAir HealthPro Plus Hepa Air Purifier
  • Lower than average noise level – like all HEPA cleaning filters, it’s a bit loud on the highest settings. These are best for quick room cleaning, or when you’re not home. On the lower speeds, it’s an unobtrusive background hum.
  • Filter replacement schedule – The HealthPro Plus design allows for the filters to be replaced individually on an offset schedule, spreading out the impact on your wallet in a manageable way. Estimated annual filter replacement cost: around $200, depending on how much you use it.
  • Easy to use controls and remote – program daily operation and choose your purification speed. Keep track of filter life and replacement schedules.
  • Low cost to run – consumes no more energy than a conventional light bulb!


What’s Questionable?

Some customers have reported a funky chemical type smell coming from the air purifier. This seems to be due to the V5 filter’s charcoal element, which soaks up stuff in the air whether the machine is running or not. The good news is this is solved by replacing the v5 filter and according to customer reviews on, IQAir seems to be pretty good in their customer service department and with sending out replacement filters if this is a problem.

There’s no doubt about it – the IQAir HealthPro Plus is not cheap. At around $750-$800 it’s a purchase that will require some thought, but as I always say, you get what you pay for and quality is worth the price.


The Verdict

Yep, this is the mother of all air purifiers. For asthma sufferers whether they be human or feline, breathing sweet, purified air will far outweigh the high cost of buying the thing. Highly recommended and Sparrow approved.



IQAir HealthPro Plus

Used from $750

Air Purifying Power


Energy Efficiency




Ease of Use




What's Good?

  • HyperHEPA Filter Technology
  • Triple sealed design
  • Lower than average noise level
  • Filter replacement schedule
  • Energy efficient

What's Questionable?

  • V5 filter may come with a strange smell
  • High initial cost

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  1. I have shopped around for air purifiers but none attracted me enough to buy yet and I am still considering the many options out there. Although we have no asthma sufferers at home, good air quality is essential for good health. That’s one thing we can never get enough of.

    I will consider this product as it seems to be of high value, so thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Hi Moon, nice to see you again! I couldn’t agree more – life becomes considerably more difficult when one can’t breathe properly. Thanks for checking out my review!

  2. I’ve also been looking into an air purifier. Sharing houses with 3 large dogs and 2 cats can have a huge effect on air quality! As Moon already commented, this looks like a great option (although I may have to start saving my pennies a little first!) Bookmarked for future reference. Thanks again!

  3. Hi there, I found your review insightful, I sure could use that purifier what with all the pollution in my city but the price tag is pretty hefty but I guess that it’s offset by the fact that it can purify a roof of up to 900 sq ft in area. Do they ship internationally?

    Thanks for the informative post. Take care asthma cat!

    1. Hey Bala, I’m pretty sure Amazon ships internationally, you’d have to check it out from where you are. Otherwise I’m sure you could find one locally.

  4. Thanks for such a detailed review Shirley. I got a friend who suffers from asthma, especially during the winter nights, so something like this would make a big difference to her. I’ll share this post with her so she can have a look at it.

  5. Filters are so important for the quality of air we breathe. I really liked the detail about this product that it is guaranteed at minimum to filter 99.5% of the microns. That guarantees a much higher quality of air to breathe in.

  6. This is a really helpful post for asthma sufferers. I think all homes should have their air purified. Thanks so much for the detailed review.


  7. I’ve never paid too much attention to air purifiers, but I’m quite attracted to getting one now.. makes sense & I’m convinced that this is an investment into health that makes a difference in the long run.

    There are one million & one allergens in air.
    I’d prefer not to stick around to wait for an asthma attack to happen, spontaneously or not.

    Even better, it’s not just about one individual.. so why not to invest into entire family health & well-being at once?
    I’d say this is a fabulous 2 in 1 offer!

    They say prevention is better than cure – Cleaner air is friendlier than air that consists “unwanted extras” – I’m sure, that’s a very big reason why many of us develop asthmatic condition in the first place.
    If environment is not clean enough, somethings going to give.. & it’s not a question about if, but when.

    I’m also curious, once I’m going to order IQAir HealthPro Plus through Amazon, are they going to deliver it to my doorstep, like they usually do with the rest of the smaller Amazon goodies?

    1. Henry from Team Chihuahua! Nice to hear from you again, my friend.

      I never put much thought into air purifiers either, but reading all the research now I’m sold. It makes such a difference.

      To be honest, I’ve never purchased something large like this from Amazon, but I checked with the seller of this one and it seems normal delivery is the go.

      Thanks for another excellent comment, Henry. I do enjoy hearing what you have to say.

  8. This looks like a good purifier that is suitable for the working environment too! There are two purifiers at where I work but I honestly don’t think they are really functioning that well. Perhaps I can suggest my bosses to have a go at this ‘mother of all air purifiers’ instead! Thanks!

  9. Since I’m in energy efficiency by profession it’s nice to hear that this thing is so efficient! A lot of units that deal with HVAC are terrible as far as efficiency goes.

    Also, I have so much dust where I live this would be an awesome solution. I have heard about air purifiers before but never really thought about actually purchasing one. It might be about that time. While my cat isn’t asthmatic… I am due to Valley Fever way back in the day so this could definitely help.

    Thanks for the article 🙂

    1. Dalton hello, nice to hear from you again. I did a LOT of research into air purifiers and this one came up best on all fronts. No point having a piece of gear if it’s going to break the bank to run, so this one wins. Glad to hear that the energy efficiency professional agrees. Say hi to McCoy for me 🙂

  10. Hi Shirley,

    Thank you for the review on IQAir. This air cleaner sounds better than what my mother has. She’s not using it now, due to problem issues she was having with it.

    She doesn’t have asthma but we just want to get her an air cleaner to make breathing better for her. My father smoked all their lives together and even though she didn’t smoke, we can notice how that has affected her. So is this IQAir good for other health issues such bronchitis? I would definitely keep this website on my bookmark to come back for further updates and let my mother know about this product.

    Thank you for sharing this review.

    1. Hi Rosa, I reckon this air purifier would be good for just about everything breathing related. Thanks for reading!

  11. Holy cow – that testimonial is tha bomb! Literally! You’ve gotta believe this thing can do what it advertises when a guy is willing to sit in a room full of tear gas just to prove it! I’ve had a tiny whiff of the stuff years ago and it’s no picnic, and he was in that room totally fogged! I’ll have to check this thing out. Does your link offer free shipping from Amazon?

    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Frank really knows how to prove his point.

      Yes, Amazon does free shipping on this. Thanks, Don!

  12. Wow, that was super thorough and useful. I have really bad allergies, I’m even allergic to my cats and I feel like this product would be legit helpful. The price tag is high but if the quality matches the price then, dang, this seems like a must have for allergy and asthma sufferers. Thanks for doing the research!

    1. You’re welcome Stephanie, this one is definitely worth it if you’re allergic to your cats. Thanks for reading!

  13. I never realized an air purifier can cost that much 😀 I had bought one that is around 100euro (a few weeks after our cats came). It is a big help really, since I got two ragdolls and a maine coon, all long-haired cats, I usually just turn it on for close to an hour once in each room and we could definitely “smell” the difference…my daughter once blurted out when she came in the bedroom: “it smells so fresh!”

    I guess I will have to save up for an IQAir soon, the video showed that it is a bigger equipment than what I had (I had wanted to ask how big it is). It surely is a better investment for a healthy home.

    1. Whoa, that’s a lot of hairy cats you have there Marie. I reckon the IQAir is value for money even if it is pricey. Here is a link to the specifications, you can find the size in there. Thanks for your comment.

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