How to Train a Cat The Easy Way – Ultimate Cat Secrets Review

If you’re learning how to train a cat, you’ll understand why people say “dogs have masters, cats have staff”. Many people don’t even bother with cat training because they think it’s not possible, it’s too hard, the damn cat just won’t listen to me anyway. So the damn cat gets to do whatever he likes, and we humans just work around him, like good staff. I’m not into that – I have opposable thumbs, command of the English language and I bring home the bread in this family. I’m going to show this cat who’s boss around here.


At a Glance

Ultimate Cat Secrets - How To Train a Cat



The Benefits of Training Your Cat

Besides the obvious potty training and not destroying your furniture, there are a number of reasons why you want to train your cat. You’ll build a stronger bond with your pet by spending time with him and you’re going to make kitty much safer in your home as well as in the big wild world.

A cat who how knows how to come when called, when to keep quiet and where not to sleep is going to make your life much less frustrating and kitty’s life much happier. Asthma cats must be trained to take their medications and handle vet visits well in order to avoid unnecessary anxiety. Plus, think of all the fun stuff! Teaching your cat to fetch, or walk on a leash or even play dead will give both of you hours of entertainment and stimulate kitty’s mind – a very important thing for the health and happiness of your little feline friend.


The Best Way to Train a Cat

This might come as a surprise to you, but your cat actually wants to obey you. It’s kitty’s independent, sassy nature that makes you fall in love with him, but it’s this very attitude that makes it frustrating to train fun behaviours into your favourite feline. Cats respond best to positive reinforcement – yelling, punishing or disciplining your cat just won’t work.

Well Trained Cat - How to Train a Cat The Easy Way - Ultimate Cat Secrets Review


Do I need a Cat Training Guide?

The short answer is: yeah, you do. I’m even going to go as far as to say you need this cat training guide. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to being a cat parent or if you’ve been sharing your home with felines for years, Ultimate Cat Secrets is packed full of essential information to transform even the most antisocial kitty into your new best friend.

Ultimate Cat Secrets is a 12 part audio series – it takes a bit over 2 hours to get through. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside:

  • Getting the right cat for you – male or female? Kitten or adult? Which breed? This first program will guide you to choose the right cat for you and your lifestyle.
  • Setting up your home for cat safety – having a cat is kinda like having a very agile, very fast and very curious child. Learn how to cat proof your home and make a safe, secure place for kitty to live with you.
  • Cat nutrition – everything you need to know about what and what not to feed your cat.
  • Cat communication explained – body language, vocalisation, that cute little head butting thing that they do. Learn what all this means and how to respond in a way kitty understands.
  • Grooming and general wellbeing – how to do simple cat maintenance such as bathing and claw clipping to keep kitty pretty and in tip top shape.Ultimate Cat Secrets - How To Train a Cat
  • Health issues – tips on keeping your feline friend well and preventing common health problems.
  • Pregnancy and reproduction – the when, where and why of dealing with pregnancy and advice on neutering or spaying.
  • Training made easy – this is the fun bit! Teach your cat fun tricks as well as basics like using the cat door and how to be chill in the car. These step-by-step guides are the easiest way to get kitty doing amazing things.
  • Common behaviour problems solved – scratching your furniture, separation anxiety, hiding, spraying, refusing to eat. Find out how to help your cat fix his bad behaviours.
  • Other behaviour problems – chewing, biting, bolting, even waking you up in the night will be a thing of the past.
  • Getting a second pet – how to help kitty deal with a furry addition to the family.
  • Bringing home a new partner or baby – how to help kitty deal with a non-furry addition to the family.


==>Click here to for instant access to Ultimate Cat Secrets<==


What’s Good About Ultimate Cat Secrets?

Ultimate Cat Secrets is not just a cat training manual – it’s one of the quickest and most comprehensive guides to living with a cat that I’ve ever seen. The easy access audio format makes it a breeze to digest from your computer or your mobile device and the lessons inside are easy to implement. And if that’s not enough for you, ordering now will score you FIVE great bonuses:

  1. How to toilet train your cat and get rid of that stinky litter box forever.
  2. Extra tips audio program which includes basic first aid and tips on my favourite kitty calming remedy.
  3. Pet medical recorder – an absolute essential for parents of asthma cats or any kitty with a chronic medical condition.
  4. Downloadable transcripts of the entire program and all the bonus materials.
  5. 100 recipes to pamper your feline friend.


What’s Questionable?

There’s almost too much information here – if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say most cat owners aren’t going to need all 12 parts of this program. If that’s you I’d recommend skimming through the transcripts and listening only to the audio programs that float your boat.


Does Sparrow Approve?

Approved By Sparrow - How To Train A Cat

Sparrow is the kinda guy who loves attention, so anything that gets him thinking and keeps him active is the best fun in his world. He gets to spend time learning and hanging out with his favourite human and I get the best out of my best friend. Plus, the free bonus medical recorder – gold. Full approval from every member of this family.


Click here for instant access to Ultimate Cat Secrets


Have you tried Ultimate Cat Secrets, or do you have some secrets of your own? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Sparrow is so cute. He really does deserve his own Youtube channel, like all those bazillionare celebrity cats in Japan!

    I’ve had cats for most of my life, and the one I have now is 15. She and I have come to a mutual understanding after all this time, but for my next cats, I’m probably going to invest in something like this. Even for us crazy cat people who think they know everything already (um…guilty), I’m sure there’s a ton of new and helpful information. thanks for the great review!

    1. Ha! I keep telling him I’m going to make him famous but he’s mostly too busy napping to care…just wait until his fans are beating down our door!

      Isn’t is incredible how much you realise you don’t know about cats, even if you’ve been around them most of your life? I’ve barely had any cat free time in my life (just how it should be, I think!) but I still learned heaps from this program.

  2. Interesting post. I agree that people are talking about dog training a lot but what about cat? There are numerous things you can teach your cat. How to toilet train your cat is definitely important. My parents have 2 cats. They’re adorable. The only problem we have is that our cats love to jump to the table and eat our food. Does the training program provide us with any tips about that?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It sure does, Kien – there’s a whole section on behaviour problems and a section on the best ways to train your cat. Thanks for reading again!

  3. That head butting thing! I’m seriously curious to what that means! I was starting to assume it meant I was talking her (my cat) to death, lol she does it when I’m close and personal talking to her about random things.
    I’m surprised she hasn’t grown tired of me all these years.

    Thanks for the helpful info, my cat bubbles could use a bit of an attitude adjustment.

    1. Hi Sonja, it means she likes you! Whatever you’re talking about must be very interesting and satisfying for Bubbles. You should check out my Cat Language Bible review, it’s great for understanding what your feline is on about. Glad to know I’m not the only one who has complete conversations with my cat, too. Thanks for reading!

  4. I need the “train your husband” version of this program. I don’t mind paying 300 million dollars for it.

    All kidding aside, I definitely fell into that category of people who never thought a cat could be trained. That’s a shame, since I’ve had about 25 cats in my lifetime. Ah well. Good info!

    1. If you’ve got 300 million dollars, I’ll WRITE the train your husband version of this program for you. Let’s make a deal.

  5. Beyond toilet training I didn’t realise it was possible to train a cat. I have had cats in the past and to be honest have just let them come and go as they please and do as they please. Very interesting read and a lot of good tips I will be putting in place the next time I venture into the feline world

    1. It’s possible, just most people don’t have the patience and give up before they get anywhere. Still, there is joy in just letting a cat be a cat, as you say. Thanks Dean!

  6. Wow, Your first paragraph rang some home truths!

    Our Kitty pretty much runs the house. She knocks of pictures and ornaments sleeps on our faces and steals food from our forks amongst many other poor behaviours and we just get on with it!

    Like you mention we were always of the opinion cats can’t be trained, so I found this post very enlightening. I will certainly look into this program as even just stopping a few of the behaviours would make life a little better.

    She is still young, 9 months so hoping getting in young will be an advantage?

    1. Aw Steve, your little kitty sounds like a troublemaker! Most cats do run their houses, but if you want to maintain your sanity you gotta teach her some manners! Definitely getting in and fixing this naughty behaviour while she’s still young will make her a lovely companion for years to come – without the destruction. Good luck!

  7. Hi Shirley,

    I’ve had cats for most of my life and dogs too. Currently, I have a cat that pretty much just lays around and meows when she’s hungry. We also have a kitten we are caring for temporarily until he can be taken to a permanent home. He loves to play but he chews and bites our arms, legs, and scratches as well. We try not to play with him to avoid getting bitten or scratched. I could use some tips to help me with this little guy.

    Training my cat on toilet training would be great so I could remove the stinky litter box.

    Great article! Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Hi Rosa,

      sounds like you need something on a stick to save your skin from that kitten. Something on a string would work just as well, and then you teach the little one a game I like to call ‘fingers are not toys’. The goal is to get him playing with something that isn’t you, so for example you dangle some feathers on a string in front of him and let him swat away, but if he starts going for your hand end the game and ignore him. You can start playing again when he’s calmed down a bit, but always stop if he starts attacking you and he should learn pretty quickly that fingers are not toys. You could also try some toys or games that don’t involve you, like a remote control mouse or even just a tennis ball kicked around on the floor. It’s a bonus for everybody, your foster kitty gets some play time and you get to keep your skin intact. Plus you’re teaching him to be a gentle, non-attacking cat, which his forever owners will love. Good luck!

  8. I have one of the worst behaved cats ever to walk on this earth. He even tries to bully my German Shepard. Lucky for him, the dog pays no attention to him. He even swats at my wife when she walks by. I just bought the Ultimate Cat Secrets. I hope this works. The cat is nice to me for some reason.

    Thanks again


    1. Thanks Jack! Sounds like you’re going to have a great challenge making a nice cat out of your little beast. Good luck!

  9. great read i am a fan of the orange tabby cats im on my third his name is chuck and he is very majestic and regal i kept him as an inside only pet for the first year or two of ownership as he would gaze out the window as i walked my dog Rolex now that he is a 50 50 indoor outdoor cat he joins Rolex and i on our walks the whole way i am interested to know if this training guide teaches how to get your cat to use the human toilet because my friends cat learned it on his own but he has not yet learned how to flush

    1. Hi Stacey,

      I’m an orange tabby fan myself. My mum used to have redhead named Singer who talked almost as much as Sparrow does. The kinda look like little tigers, don’t you think? Do you walk Chuck on a leash, or does he just follow along?

      I find it quite strange that cats can learn to use a human toilet, I’m not sure if I like the idea…but that’s a story for a different day. One of the free bonuses that you get with Ultimate Cat Secrets is all about toilet training your cat but I haven’t tried it…come back and let us know how you go!

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