Can’t Speak Cat Language? The Cat Language Bible Will Save You!

The Cat Language Bible - Speak Cat Language

I can’t speak cat language and my biggest gripe with Sparrow is that he refuses to speak English. I know, I can see it in his eyes, he understands every word I am saying when I complain to him about this, but still…he just won’t. It’s probably his way of asserting his dominance over me, which is just silly. We all know who’s really in charge around here. It’s a standoff: I’m using my words, trying to coerce him into talking to me like a normal person, and he’s just sitting there saying “Nup. You’re gonna have to speak MY language”

Fine. But I’m only letting you win because apparently, you don’t have the right kind of vocal cords for making words, cat. Also, it seemed like an excuse for me to check out this Cat Language Bible that everyone’s raving about, so I grabbed a copy and we sat down for story time.


At a GlanceThe Cat Language Bible - Speak Cat Language



Shocking New Research?

I’m not so sure about that. It shouldn’t be a shock to anybody who is owned by a cat that these are smart, communicative creatures, even if they’re not the noisy types. A groundbreaking study by a team of Japanese researchers recently found that cats understand not only our tone of voice but also certain words and even our body language. Jonas Jurgan, an animal researcher and animal behaviour specialist has taken this study and used it to create the Cat Language Bible, a simple and very readable guide to effective human/cat communication.


How do Cats Communicate?

Cat on Phone - Cat Language BibleAll cats talk for one reason or another, but that’s not the whole story. Your cat likely has a range of different vocalisations, volumes and tones of voice to tell you what’s on his mind – there’s the happy little ‘hey, how you doing’, the whiney drawn out ‘I need something from you’, the sharp ‘back off or I will cut you’ and everything in between. But these are subtle creatures, most of a cat’s communication is non-verbal.

Everything from the direction of kitty’s ears to the way he holds his tail is telling you something. Learning these subtle nuances of cat language will enable you to correctly respond to your feline’s every wish and command, which is really all any cat ever wants.


Click here to get the Cat Language Bible for $69.99 $27 for a limited time only!


What’s Good About it?

The Cat Language Bible is an easy read – I got through it in just under two hours. It’s short and sharp and to the point, there’s no fluff, just a whole lot of really great, comprehensive information that will teach you to understand what your cat is saying. There are lots of pictures to support each point and absolutely no jargon – all the big words are explained! It also comes with bonuses, including:

  1. The Cat Care Guide – everything you need to know about giving your cat the right kind of attention, affection, entertainment and support based on what he’s telling you.
  2. Training Your Cat – how to raise a disciplined, respectful and obedient cat using positive reinforcement and language cues.
  3. A – Z of Feline Nutrition – give your cat the best possible life with correct nutrition and a balanced diet.
  4. Lifetime Updates – as new research is uncovered the Cat Language Bible will evolve into an even more comprehensive and up to date resource for cat owned humans. Get these updates emailed directly to you, free of charge, forever.


What’s Questionable?

Questionable Cat - The Cat Language BibleNot a lot, really. There are a few things that I personally don’t agree with in the cat training bit – I’m not a fan of spraying cats with water to correct behaviour, for example – but that’s just me. I know a lot of people who use this method quite successfully and don’t even feel bad about shooting their cat. I love reading, but I think this information could have been presented more effectively with some video content. I found a typo or two in there as well…and now I’m just being nitpicky…


Does Sparrow Approve?

Sparrow On Keyboard - Speak Cat LanguageOk, I have a crazy cat lady confession to make here. I read to my cat. He loves it. I love it. Don’t judge us. I read this to Sparrow and he sat there, enthralled, for the whole thing. He usually prefers Dr Seuss, so I was a little surprised that he was so into this. Then again, I know that he understands every word I say, so listening while I learned to speak his language must have been the greatest power trip of his life.


Click here to get the Cat Language Bible for $69.99 $27 for a limited time only!


Am I the only crazy cat lady who talks – and reads – to her cat? Surely not! Please, make me feel better in the comments…


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  1. Wow! I never thought about trying to understand cats. But this book might light something in my heart.

    I am always a dog person so that is a big moment. I can see the cuteness of a cat but always thought that you just can’t communicate with a cat. Dog is more understanding. LOL.

    I really need to read this book, then!

    1. Oh I think if you read this book you’ll get a whole new insight into cats – they’re really complex and interesting creatures.

  2. Oh , I think I would enjoy this little read! I’m always up for understanding their language… especially when they go from silly to ornery in 2.2 seconds lol. I also was never fond of spraying my cats with water for training… but funny thing is, once I did (sadly she’s no longer with us), and she reacted the first time or two, and after that… she would just stare right back at me while I did it. Lol it was quite humorous, and obviously did not work. They are all different though 🙂 Thanks for the great review.

    1. See, cats know better than to fall for that silly water trick. Sounds like your cat had a great attitude. Thanks for reading!

  3. Sounds like a great book. I have 2 cats and always wonder what’s going through their little minds. I think they are both a little neurotic but maybe it’s just me that needs to be trained. Thanks for the recommendation, really well done.

    1. Thanks Peter. I think all cats are neurotic in their own special ways! I’m sure they’ve got you well trained already.

  4. Wow wow wow. that’s an interesting book. I never had cats but wondering if there’s similar kind of book for dogs. I would love to speak with dogs and understand them better.

  5. You read to your cat and you STILL think you’re the boss? Ok.

    Sparrow-1, Mom-0.

    Not sure if I need a cat Bible, but I do love your posts. 🙂

    1. What? It helps him sleep!
      I think the more surprising fact is that I read to my cat and I’m still considered sane.
      You must be Sparrow’s biggest fan, thanks for swinging by again Amy.

  6. This is an interesting post. Most of the people make fun of me when they see me talking to my cat. I feel that my cat understands everything I say because I do see a change in his behavior and most of the times they do understand what we want from them. They just become more closer to us once we start talking and yes, thank you for bringing this up.

    1. It’s true, cats understand a lot of what’s going on, especially when they’re attuned to their human. The problem for most cats is that humans don’t really understand what they’re saying – there’s a lot more to it than just making noise. Don’t let anybody make fun of you for talking to your feline, cats are people too!

  7. Hi Shirley,

    it is definitely interesting to understand the language of the cats. I generally find that when you have a pet, you should invest time to properly educate and communicate with your animal. I know many people who buy an animal and then believe it is done. Is not it, and I will buy the book that you present here in any case to a friend who should learn about her cat.

    All the best to you,

    1. Hi Daniel,

      I totally agree with you! A lot of people seem to think that cats are easy pets, they keep to themselves and don’t need much attention. Wrong! Cats are complex creatures with attitude – that’s why I like them! I’m sure your friend will enjoy the book, it’s really interesting. Thanks for stopping by!


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