AeroKat Feline Inhaler Review…And a Confession

SparrowKat - AeroKat Mask

The secret weapon in my war against feline asthma doubles as a hilarious talking point. Please remember, this AeroKat Feline Inhaler review is serious business. Kind of.

I am very good at breathing. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. So easy. I could do it all day – in fact, I’m so good at breathing that I do do it all day! Sparrow, on the other hand, he’s not so good at breathing. His poor little lungs just don’t work the way they’re supposed to. He’s asthmatic and maybe I’m a cruel human because the whole situation still makes me laugh a bit. I mean really, having to medicate your cat via an inhaler twice a day is quite ridiculous, in a very cute way.

If you have your own asthma cat, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, you might be wondering how this is even possible, how does a cat inhale medicine from a puffer? I’d like to introduce you to Sparrow’s second best friend.


At a Glance


But First, I Must Confess…

There’s no easy way to own up to this, so I’m just going to rip the band-aid off (so to speak) and come right out with it. We don’t actually have an AeroKat. Our vet didn’t have any in stock at the time Sparrow was diagnosed with asthma and we needed to start treatment at home immediately, so what we have instead is this:

AeroDawg - AeroKat Feline Inhaler

The AeroDawg. So my plan to turn Sparrow into a dog may actually have legs. The only difference is the size of the masks, but guess what? The AeroDawg small has the same size masks as the AeroKat. It’s a cat pretending to be a dog, just like Sparrow.

(Ok, I’m the only one pretending Sparrow is a dog, but let’s not talk about that).


He’s a Cat. Cat Cat Cat Cat KAT

The AeroKat was developed by Trudell Medical International, in conjunction with Dr Philip Patrid, a highly qualified vet who specialises in respiratory medicine. It’s designed to be used with a metered dose inhaler (MDI) as prescribed by your vet, to deliver inhaled medication to cats with asthma or chronic bronchitis.

With the puffer attached to the AeroKat, your cat breathes normally and inhales the medication. This is by far the best way to treat cats with asthma, as the medication goes straight into the lungs, where it’s needed.

AeroKat Flappy Thing - AeroKat Feline Aerosol ChamberAeroKat has this little green flappy thing, which the technical types call the Flow-Vu indicator. It moves back and forth as your cat breathes, so you can count breaths and make sure kitty gets enough of the medication into his lungs. Sparrow purrs into his mask sometimes and the little green flappy thing vibrates back and forth, it’s hilarious.


The AeroKat comes with two different sized masks (3.2cm & 3.9cm). The mask needs to cover your cat’s mouth and nose, but not the eyes. A snug fit is required to ensure the medication gets to where it’s supposed to go.

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Keeping it Clean

The second best thing about the AeroKat is that you can pull it apart for cleaning. I love pulling things apart. Sometimes a white film develops inside the canister from the inhaled medication – this is normal. Clean the AeroKat weekly or whenever it is obviously dirty.


My Cat Would NEVER take that!

I know. So far every cat owned human I’ve told has been horrified at the thought of having to give their cat a puffer twice a day, but you’d be surprised. With the right approach and plenty of practice, it still might not be a walk in the park, but it’s not a horror movie massacre either. Here’s a quick video explanation of the process:



Thousands of asthma cats all over the world have been using AeroKat with great success and at least one cat has been using AeroDawg with the same great success. I’m sure Sparrow realises that the medication makes him feel better and other than a stereotypical coy catness, he takes it pretty well.


Boring But Necessary Warnings

AeroKat comes with detailed instructions. Read the instructions and use only as directed by your vet. Store AeroKat and all medications as you would any other medical equipment – away from children and pets.


Does Sparrow Approve?

Sparrow AeroKat - AeroKat Inhaler ChamberHe doesn’t have much of a choice, does he? We have no complaints – the AeroKat Feline Inhaler does what it’s supposed to, even if he occasionally doesn’t like it. The chamber itself is a convenient size so if your cat wants to wrestle, you’ll easily be able to handle both and keep your cool at the same time.




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What do you – and your cat – think of the AeroKat Feline Inhaler? Head to the comments below and share your thoughts…

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  1. Thanks for the info! One of my friends at uni has heaps of cats and one of them actually has this condition. Ill be sure to show her this site!

    thanks for the advice!

  2. I love this article!

    It is such a nice thing to have a cat as a pet. This can give you a relief from stress and you can have an instant playmate too. You will also be able to get rid of the unwanted pests in your house when you have a cat because it just would chase them away.

    Thus, it is truly saddening to hear that your pet cannot breathe well enough. This makes you responsible for what has happened to it, whether you have given it enouhg food or proper treatment. Thanks to this inhaler, the breathing problems of any cat is now solved!

  3. I have to say, I didn’t mean to come here. I do not have an asthma cat, but I am an asthmatic myself which is why, while looking for some asthma stuff for myself, I had to click to see what in the world an asthma cat was!

    Apparently your cat and I have some common traits, so believe me when I say, I can totally relate. There are times my wife has to wrestle me into submission to because I don’t like those “trainers” which bears an uncanny resemblance to the puffer that you are talking about here.

    I feel for your cat, having asthma isn’t fun…feeling like you’re drowning for no good reason…nope, not a good time. But I never considered a CAT would have this dilemma…but it does make sense I suppose, cats have lungs just like us.

    So…I had just had to comment, because whereas I myself do not HAVE an asthma cat, I’m totally able to channel my inner feline to appreciate how this device would be awesome if I did.

    Tell you what, if my cat ever develops asthma, knowing what it feels like, I’ll be sure to come back and visit you again. 🙂

    1. Hey Jack, what you’ve described there sounds horrible and I’m sure Sparrow would say the same if he could speak English. One day.
      I hope your wife never has to wrestle an asmatic human and an asthma cat at the same time!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Shirley,

    I’ve found your article absorbing! I have two cats at home and to be honest, I’ve never heard that cats can suffer from asthma until I came across your website.
    However, I am glad I read this article so that I’ll know what to do if I encounter this problem with a cat. I always rescue cats from the street and try to find them a warm house:) Just a question, please. How many time do we have to inhale the cat per day if needed?
    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

  5. My 18 month old cat was just diagnosed with asthma. What a surprise. I didn’t want to do the inhaler but it got so bad I bought the aerokat. Then tonight i finally got the inhaler. I did try the steroid pills and then a holistic compound. It just got worst. So I found your site tonight and after reading it gave Sassy her first treatment. It was harder on me then Sassy. LOL!. Thank you so much for giving me the advice and instructions that I needed. Sparrow now has a Rag doll pussy cat for a friend.

  6. Thank you for writing this, my cat is been having trouble breathing and my vet told me I need to start him on the medication with the aerokat. Just ordered it online. I’m afraid he will fight me and I won’t be able to give it to him but your article encouraged me. I just want my cat to get better. ?

  7. My AeroKat works great for my kitty but she is developing little bald spots on each side of her nose from the little mask. Anyone else experience this?

    1. That doesn’t sound too good at all Jessie, hopefully you’ve found a way to manage this. I personally use the larger mask on Sparrow, he seems to handle that one better…might be worth a shot in your case? Also it’s a good idea to make sure your AeroKat device is clean when you use it. Hope this helps!

      1. Jessie, It’s from the medicine. You need to wipe your kitty’s face after using the AeroKat. Something soft, damp like a Viva Paper towel. They are the softest. Whatever you use, be sure it’s soft and damp and will wipe away the medicine from his face. this is not an uncommon event. Just clean your girls face and she’ll be back to new in no time. I learned this with my furboy Max.
        Happy Breathing!
        Mom to Greyson, Mya & Hope
        Angels Kitties, Poohbear, Tigger and Max

  8. Are you only using an inhaler? Are you using any other supplements or homeopathic remedies. My 9 month old cat is having the worst time with asthma. She is having attacks all day long. She was put on steroids but the lower the dose the more she has attacks. She is in her third week of having bad attacks.

    1. I Leeca, I generally don’t use anything other than what our vet has recommended and we seem to have the situation under control at the moment. It was tricky at first getting things right, but if you work with your I’m sure you will be able to find a solution that works for your cat. All the best.

      1. Leeca,
        Have your vet prescribe Albuterol. You get the cat to inhale that through the inhaling device when she has a particularly rough episode. For instance if she is doing open mouth breathing and it is impossible for her to inhale the fluticasone medication.

  9. Hi Shirley! I clicked your link to Amazon to look for replacement masks, and they do not have any, with no idea when they are coming in. Thought I’d let you know.
    Have a MeOwY M

  10. I live in South Africa and can’t seem to find any cat asthma inhaler anywhere. The inhaler recommended by the vet is a paediatric one from a local pharmacy shop. The rubber mask is too big in my opinion and fits over the whole face including eyes. Would this still work?

    1. Hey Justin, I’m really not sure…it might not be so great to have the mask over your cat’s eyes, have you tried to source a feline sized mask from somewhere online? That might fit on the inhaler you have…let us know how you go…

  11. You are so funny!
    I was fortunate with my Finn with regard to the timing of starting to use the AeroKat. I had it on order. Two days before it was due to arrive, Finn had an urgent visit to the vet for his attacks. He was given another methylprednisone injection. Then we had to wait three weeks before starting the inhaler. Since we had received it two days after his visit, I decided to use the following few weeks wisely. We practiced with the AeroKat without medicine. He got treats and snuggles after each session. We are two months in with the Flovent, and our routine is set. Sometimes he even comes to me when it’s time! He loves the routine, as most cats do; the medicine, not so much. But he still gets the five breaths and his treats and snuggles.

  12. Long term fur baby with asthma. This site is great. We have been using the newborn spacer but the fit isn’t perfect so our dosage isn’t correct. Thinking about getting AeroKat. Thanks so this site. Love to more babies with wheezies.

  13. I have
    Two beautiful-female chocolate point Siamese…one of them came down with asthma a few months ago…we got the aerocat and started giving her her meds….she adapted so quickly to
    It…I just put her beside me in a chair
    And administer the spray and count the breaths….she is very calm about it as if she knows it is necessary…great product!!!!!!!

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